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 Everything you've been wondering about Agape but been too embarrassed to ask...

1. Why should I volunteer with Agape?

Check out our recent blog post for all you need to know!

2. But how do I know you are legitimate?

We provide testimonials from past volunteers on our website, and volunteers past and future can contact each other through our Facebook page. We have many NGO partners all over the world with whom we can put you in contact for a reference. We are registered as U.K. charity with the U.K. Charities Commission (1143560) who hold all of our records. We are also separately registered as an NGO by all of the African countries in which we work. These registration forms are available on request.

3. I'm volunteering! Why should I pay?

Your volunteer fees are required to make your stay in the country possible. The money goes to your host family to provide your board and meals, and organise reliable transport. We also use some volunteer fees to support the programme you are working on.

4. How are your fees so affordable?!

We make no profit and many of our admin staff volunteer hours of their own time allowing us to keep costs low at your end.

5. Do I need specific skills?

It depends on what program you are applying for. Volunteers in medical placements must be enrolled in medical school or be a qualified nurse. Volunteers on the music teaching placements must have an interest in music and have reached a reasonable standard on one or more instruments. All other placements are available to everyone.

If you have further questions that you can’t find answers for on our website, direct them to your designated trip advisor (if you’ve already applied) or contact us via our Facebook or Twitter.



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