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Khaizer Rizvi

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Kez's Trip To Kenya

Kez volunteered in Kenya with Agape for two weeks in the summer of 2012. He split his time between our medical and HIV programmes as he looked to establish some invaluable experience that he needed for his applications to medical school. Kez quickly became a very popular volunteer due to his extremely friendly personality and panache for delivering some truly awful jokes, which you should keep an eye for in his final paragraph.

I stayed for a total of 2 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya, and I initially started working within a clinic located in a very poor neighborhood. To date I have never done something as rewarding and fulfilling as the work I carried at Wema clinic. The doctors place an immense amount of trust in you and they gradually introduce you to more and more tasks ranging in difficulty. To gain as much experience as possible I also volunteered in the HIV/AIDS programme. I initially found the experience of walking through deprived areas rather surreal; however I found that you quickly adjust to the culture barrier since the locals are friendly and approachable. Knowing that your presence has helped to improve the standard of living and the quality of life of some of the most underprivileged people on earth feels incredibly satisfying.

This trip was absolutely amazing and I am left wondering Ken-ya have a better trip?

On evenings and weekends you spend time with other volunteers in the guest house, these moments were endlessly enjoyable and amusing, and the friends you will make there will last a lifetime. There are also excursions that take place on weekends which I cannot recommend more.

This trip was absolutely amazing and I am left wondering Ken-ya have a better trip?

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