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Art Livingstone

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Art and Becky's trip to to Kenya

Art and Becky Livingstone volunteered on our Kenyan orphanage programme for 2 weeks in 2013

Last year I went to Kenya and met a young guy Gee (Agape Volunteers) over there. After meeting with him and seeing several other volunteers who liked Agape, we decided to try this year with them. I felt that this was a reputable organization and felt that things would go smoothly. Being older than most volunteers (Our group--4 people in our mid 50's) smoothly is a good thing.

Every communication prior to and en route was promptly addressed and from when we touched down in Nairobi, we were met and taken care of. No problems. The only thing to add here is that the Kenya staff are really great people (Gee, Izzo, Mama Bishop, Mary, and even you Mike---Are reason enough to come back. Sorry if I've left anyone out). You couldn't ask for better people. FYI, I highly recommend Mary's hugs.

Our Maasai Mara Safari was one that we'll cherish our lifetime, including one little extra.

Our Maasai Mara Safari was one that we'll cherish our lifetime, including one little extra. Our crazy new friend Izzo brought along Peter (13 yrs old) with us. It was his reward for doing well in school. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a blast. Also, I really admire these people who not only have a heart for doing good things, but actually do some impressive stuff here.

While we did have our own itinerary, our Agape and Marafiki staff were ALWAYS there to assist with anything we needed, be it food, transportation, invites to functions, assistance with our projects, etc.

I do warn anyone going to Kenya with Agape though, that leaving is tough. To leave new friends, a beautiful country, the best Checkah's (Smiles) on children's faces isn't the easiest thing to do. It does, however, give you the feeling that you'll be returning there. When we do, it'll be with our Agape friends. A very heartfelt thanks for everything guys. Please know we think you're great.

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