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Amy Crockett

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Amy's trip to Kenya

Amy volunteered with us in Kenya for three weeks in 2013 on the orphanage programme.

I heard about the great work Agape does through a presentation at my school led by the CEO of the organisation, Guillaume Lefevre, and also through a few of my school friends that had already been and told me how good it was. I really wanted to do something this summer that was going to be fun, adventurous and rewarding - but which would not cost me a fortune and be safe and reliable. This is exactly what Agape provided for me and more.

I decided to go to Kenya for three and a half weeks all by myself, to go and volunteer in an orphanage. After being picked up from the airport I was shown around Nairobi a little and then taken to the orphanage - Deligate’s Home - along with two other volunteers (that have now become friends for life). The orphanage was small and very poor, but yet the kids there were the most humble, kind and happiest kids I have ever met, I fell in love with all of them. During our time at the orphanage there was a teachers’ strike, which meant that the kids did not go to school and were with us 24/7 and also that we got to do a little teaching every day, which I found really fun (except for them teaching me their local language of Swahili). This was on top of the normal jobs such as: cleaning, washing up, cooking, wood chopping and fetching water, all of which the kids or aunties would help you with (and are so quick and fast at doing). But really the main job was to play and have fun with the kids, we played loads of games with them; we brought over skipping ropes, footballs and paints which kept all the children busy and happy. The two aunties looked after us like we were their own and we got to try and make some amazing local foods and fruits and they told us lots of stories about their lives, Africa and the children. They are both such amazing strong ladies!

I can truly say that is was the best three weeks of my life so far and I would recommend it to anyone; Kenya was the most amazing, beautiful carefree country I have ever been to.

During my stay in Kenya I went to the IDP camp, which is one of the main projects to which the money that Agape raises goes too. It was an eye-opening experience to see such large families living in barely livable safe housing and get no food or water that they need. Also we visited the school - the kids that go there are the lucky ones that get some form of education and one free meal a day! I found the whole IDP camp so touching that I decided to go and visit it again for 4 days, these 4 days were so rewarding and worthwhile. We did lots of different thing from HIV testing, sexual health talks, food distribution and also free medical help and medication. All of which I got to sit down and talk with the locals and hear their brave stories (most of which did make me cry) but being able to help these people was the best! Also during my stay I did a 3 day safari in the Masai Mara national park and a 3 day trip to the coast of Mombasa. Both I would recommend to anybody, they were breath-taking, fun-packed and crazy trips that I will take away with me forever!

The staff at Agape - Izzo, Gee, Joe, Joseph and Hannah - are all so kind and friendly but also such a laugh and show you the true side to Africa, at the same time keeping you safe and secure. They picked me up and dropped my off at the airport, took me in and around Nairobi - to the animal parks, city markets and local fruit stalls! They have all become such good friends of mine and were the best people to look after me. Also to any volunteers that are thinking of going all by themselves and are not sure, it was fine purely because you will meet so many other volunteers from all over the world (most of which come on their own too, so you’re all in the same boat) that will become friends forever! The volunteer house is so much fun and has always got something going on, never a boring evening in that house! It is such a friendly environment!

I can truly say that is was the best three weeks of my life so far and I would recommend it to anyone; Kenya was the most amazing, beautiful carefree country I have ever been to. Saw some amazing places and animals, met so many lovely, kind, funny people that are friends for life and worked at the most humble orphanage with kids that are so happy and yet have so little. I am already counting down the days until I can go back!

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