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South Africa Wildlife

Volunteer in wildlife conservation in South Africa

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Make a difference in South Africa

Help to protect and support endangered species in South Africa by participating in our wildlife conservation programme

Our wildlife conservation programme in South Africa gives you to opportunity to offer your help to local staff whose job it is to protect the local wildlife, whilst also participating in a number of extra activities that will allow you to experience the best South Africa has to offer. The volunteering done with the wildlife is really needed. You will feel like you have contributed to the conservation of these amazing animals and we are sure this will be a meaningful experience you will never forget.

Assisting in the tracking and monitoring of lions, white & black rhinos, elephants, leopards & hyenas.

The projects that you will assist in during your stay include:

Animal Monitoring - Assisting in the tracking and monitoring of lions, white & black rhinos, elephants, leopards & hyenas. It is vital for the reserve to understand their movements and behaviours, and you will have the opportunity to get close to these amazing animals on a daily basis. You'll use camera traps to monitor and record sightings, and then analyze the data you've collected. This in turn will give you the opportunity to learn a great deal about the animals' behaviour.

Anti-Poaching - Volunteers are involved with the local anti-poaching teams, looking out for suspicious tracks and reporting on any low flying aircraft.

Park Management - Helping out with alien plant removal, road restoration, and bush clearing. A balanced eco-system grants a greater quality of life for the animals, so you'll be working to keep all flora and fauna happy!

Consists of 3 meals a day
Breakfast: Continental Breakfast during week days.
Lunch: Consists of a sandwich, crisps, fruit and a fruit juice. Or similar.
Dinner: will be a warm meal cooked every evening and will consist of dishes such as stews, pastas and a taste of some traditional South African meals as well. We will also occasionally have a BBQ under the stars for you to enjoy.
You may be asked to help out with food preparation for the group, but all food will be provided!
The Accommodation consists of a sprawling, refurbished farmhouse with dorm-style rooms and plenty of social areas. Set right in the bush it's an amazing location right by the animals. But don't worry - there is a fence to keep out any potentially dangerous intruders!

There is a recreation area for you to relax and socialise with your co-volunteers in the evenings and on the weekends. The recreation area has sofas, a kitchen for you to make tea and coffee, and some wildlife books to brush up your knowledge before a game drive.

We provide a unique and exciting experience for volunteers through daily game drives. Our personal service, the quality of the activities, the excellent accommodation we offer and the well-managed, meaningful structure of our volunteering projects will make this an experience you will never forget.

We will be with you from airport pick-up to drop-off, offering guidance and support throughout your experience, making it as meaningful and rewarding as possible. We will go out of our way to make sure you see as much as possible of the beautiful area in which we are located, boasting safari parks, amazing landscapes, good weather all year round and a true view of rural South Africa and its interesting history. All of the activities we offer are included in the cost to help make it easy to budget for the trip with no unexpected cost.
A typical week consists of a combination of getting close to the animals on game drives and time spent analyzing the results of your findings. Everyday will bring something new and give you the chance to get up close and personal with some of South Africa’s amazing wildlife. Depending on the volunteering needs, you might be up at the crack of dawn doing game monitoring or have to go out in the evenings to do some leopard tracking and game captures.

 Washing machine: You will have the opportunity to wash your clothes weekly.


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