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Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteer on our wildlife conservation project in beautiful South Africa

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Get involved with lions, black & white rhinos, elephants, leopards and hyenas

South Africa is a country with a troubled past which has caused a big division between the rich minority and the extremely poor majority. It is a beautiful country with an astounding natural landscape and incredible flora and fauna. But to keep it this way it needs all the help it can get. This is where you come in. You can make a difference by giving a wild animal a second chance in life.

The people of South Africa will make you feel so welcome and valued and this will lead to an extremely rewarding experience for you. South Africa is an extremely beautiful country with a fascinating history, nothing compares to its exquisite landscapes and its friendly people. It is known as the Rainbow Nation because of the many cultures that come together as one. There is something so special about South Africa. There is a certain feeling you get that cannot be put into words, you will need to come and experience it for yourself...

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Wildlife volunteering focuses on helping in wildlife conservation. The majority of the volunteering will take place in a National Park where you will assist in the tracking and monitoring of lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards & hyenas. It is vital for the reserve to understand their movements and behaviours in order to manage the eco-system effectively. You will have the opportunity to get close to these amazing animals on a daily basis, and in turn will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about their behaviour.

You will be involved with a major tracking project which is currently monitoring the movements of a range of animals by the means of camera traps. Volunteers are needed to check these cameras frequently and record the sightings. Other projects that you will be involved in include: helping the anti-poaching teams, eradication of foreign plants, fence patrolling of conservation areas, path clearing, and much, much more.

The majority of the volunteering will take place in a National Park where you will assist in the tracking and monitoring of lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards & hyenas

You will need to fly into Johannesburg. Our projects are based in the Marakele National Park nearby. This is also where you will be accommodated during your stay.

What you can look forward to:

  • All inclusive food, consisting of three meals a day
  •  Accommodation in an extraordinarily beautiful setting
  • A chance to get up close to some of Africa’s amazing wild animals.
  • The opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of endangered species
  • A plethora of activities allowing you to see more of what South Africa has to offer
  • Travel Insurance with Agape Volunteers at no extra cost

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