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"you must be the change you want to see in the world..."

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Agape provides humanitarian aid in two different ways.

If you volunteer with Agape, you're guaranteed two things: hard work and a life changing trip.


Firstly, we recruit volunteers who wish to travel across the world to help others. We offer a variety of different placements in four different regions of Africa, each with a unique experience. No matter where you go, all of our placements are geared towards actually making a difference, not providing a fun, fake and ultimately disappointing experience to volunteers. If you volunteer with Agape, you're guaranteed two things: hard work and a life changing trip.

A small proportion of volunteering fees are used to support the projects that our volunteers work in; this is how we sustain our good work in the community. Despite the financial donations, Agape Volunteers still provides one of the most affordable ways to volunteer anywhere in Africa, and there are no registration fees.

The amount you pay is the amount that it costs us to support you in the country, and to fund the project that you are working on. As well as the donation in the programmes fees, volunteers provide aid that no money can buy; the personal skills, support and care that volunteers bring is what makes the experience so special.  For more information check out the programmes section of the site.


The second way that you can get involved with the Agape project is through our donations scheme. We are a fully registered U.K. charity and we accept donations for some of our longer term projects. You can view these by going to the "donate" section of our website. All of these projects are ones that we feel are extremely important and could benefit from more direct financial support than some of our other placements. If you donate to a project, we will ensure that you are kept completely up to date with its progress by sending you regular reports. All the projects on this section cannot be completed just from the hours of work that volunteers provide, they need the finances for equipment or building materials, so donations are vital for making these projects reality. Finally, if neither of these options seem appealling to you, then there are some other ways to help us out, to have look go to the get involved section of the site.