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UK's Text Donations to Charities Reaches Almost £50m

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Charity work volunteering overseas is becoming more popular by the day, and in some recent good news, it’s been revealed that the amount of money donated by the UK public through texts from mobile phones has boomed in the 12 months, reaching nearly £50m! 

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) held an Annual Market Review for the 2018/19 financial year and in the review, it was established that the value of charity donations by text grew to an impressive £49.6m, which is a rise of £12.1m from the £37.5m recorded in the previous year. 

Experts have confirmed that there a key factor at the root of this recent boost of donations. This was the use of text messaging for two major charity telethons, that both of which were backed by widespread broadcast coverage during the year. These were two of the most well-recognised charity events in the UK; Red Nose Day and Children in Need. 

The Rise of Text Giving

The PSA claimed that their research shows in excess of 25% of all donations made to charity telethons are made via text message. 

In the report, it states that: “The majority of donations are made during telethons: industry interview participants suggested that up to 80 per cent of the spend on charity donations comes from telethons, while 64 per cent of consumer survey respondents that made a charity donation in the past 12 months reported they had done so to support a telethon.” 

The report continues: “Most donations are made to well-known and large charities: 40 per cent of those survey respondents that made a charity donation in 2018/2019 donated to Comic Relief, the largest UK telethon organiser (Comic Relief includes Sports Relief and Red Nose Day).” 

More Positive News on Text Donations

The PSA didn’t stop there with the encouraging news regarding the increase in text donations to charities either. They reported that there has, in fact, been a sector-wide increase in payments by text. 

The review now values the UK phone paid services market at a notable £630.9m in 2019/20; this is a growth of £90.4m from 2017/18’s sum of £540.5m. 

In September 2018, the PSA estimated that charity text donations would realise an increase in 2019, and this was predominantly based on the number of two-yearly telethons that are scheduled for the year - Red Nose Day is one of the prime examples.  

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