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Agape Volunteers run a variety of worthwhile projects across Africa, from free music schools to sports academies and beyond. We contribute to the upkeep of a number of children's homes, HIV outreach project, and clinics, and always have plenty of exciting new projects planned. All of this work requires funding. 

We are a non-profit organisation, and also one of the best value volunteering organisations around. This means that we always run close to the edge financially. Whilst our volunteers play a massive role in supporting our projects, both in terms of the work they do and the fees they pay, there is always more that we could be doing. If you are willing to help then please consider donating to Agape's projects in Africa.

If you are considering donating then please get in touch with us and we can let you know about the projects we are undertaking. It will then be up to you how your money is used so that you can be sure that it is being put to good use.

You can be sure that when you donate to Agape, your money is making a real difference in Africa.

At least 95p from every £1.00 donated goes directly to the people who need it most, instead of being used for administration or costs; one of the most impressive conversion ratios in the world.

We currently have two causes that you can donate to, although they are closely linked. We prefer to focus our efforts on one project at a time, rather than spread our resources too thin. 

However, if you have previously volunteered or know someone who has, we are more than willing to put your donation to a specific project that you have worked on; all you need to do is e-mail us on

We will send you regular updates on your chosen project so you can see exactly how your money is helping.

A brief overview of each charity project...

The Agape Volunteers Football Academy
Football is a source of pleasure and entertainment for millions. 
The Agape Volunteers Football Academy is designed to provide free coaching and guidance to children in Nairobi who would otherwise not have access to a place to develop their talents.
IDP Farm Project
Since 2011, Agape Volunteers has been committed to providing aid to 4000+ refugees in the IDP refugee camp around an hour outside of Nairobi. The camp is the home to over 700 families, and it provides shelter, free education and medical services to internally-displaced people in Kenya.

We make every last penny count

  • No administration fees
  • No staff wages 
  • No profit
  • We focus 100% of help on projects in Africa 

Got a Few Questions?

We think the work we do is very worthwhile and the impact we make is substantial. But we understand you might need to know more before donating! Feel free to ask anything you like:

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