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Agape Volunteers is a fully registered UK non-profit charity which specialises in placing thousands of volunteers abroad into charity work projects across Africa, including childcare, teaching, medical, HIV, music and sports programmes.

As a non-profit charity, Agape Volunteers has a constitutional commitment to ensure that all of our volunteer programmes guarantee real impact in Africa so you can be sure that your time and money will be directed to projects which are in real need and will improve lives across Africa. Whether you're a medic, an animal lover, a teacher or just someone who wants to make a difference in the world - we have the perfect Africa volunteering programme for you, with fees starting at £675.

Agape Volunteers was dreamt up by a team of international volunteers and local Kenyan aid workers in 2009 and continue to be led and run by volunteers to this day. The vision of the charity is to provide people from all over the world the opportunity to volunteer on cheap programmes where their time and money is appropriately directed to helping the projects and communities they work with. Our non-profit status ensures both genuine benefits for these communities and assurance your money is spent wisely.

Here's how it works...

Step 1
Pick a Volunteer Programme

Agape provides volunteers with a broad range of volunteering programmes across a host of countries in Africa, including teaching, childcare, medical programmes, HIV and AIDS work, sports coaching, music teaching or wildlife conservation

Step 2
Add Incredible Adventures

While we are committed to volunteer programmes with real benefit, we also offer a range of 'adventures' - including safaris, mountain climbing and treks. These can be bolted on to your trip to ensure it is even more memorable and life-changing while supporting local communities.

Affordable volunteering packages from £675

As a non-profit, Agape is proud of our pricing and how we have balanced low cost, affordable trips against genuine impact for the communities we serve and volunteer safety. Our volunteers make a difference and always will.

With all-inclusive packages from £675 and free insurance included as standard whether you are planning on volunteering on your gap year, looking for a summer break or seeking experience in a hospital or school there will be a programme for you in Africa with Agape Volunteers.

A dedicated and experienced Trip Advisor

Every one of our volunteers gets a dedicated trip advisor from the moment they apply. Your trip advisor will be an ex-volunteer who now works with Agape and is an expert in the African country you plan to volunteer in. You can read about them on our teams page.

Free Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Agape Volunteers has worked with leading underwriters to create a bespoke travel insurance policy, tailored to our volunteers' needs. Provided to all volunteers at no extra cost, our insurance means you're covered simply and comprehensively.

Agape Volunteers currently offers programmes in four African countries with a choice of programmes in each country.

Agape Volunteers offers programmes in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania. However, we don't offer all our volunteer programmes in every country; we only have a placement if it is worthwhile and will support the local community. We have built a programme filter tool to help you choose which country and programme is best suited to your volunteering plans. Alternatively, you can click on the countries below to see what we offer and where.

Agape Volunteers has several flagship programmes which represent genuinely innovative developments in international volunteering in Africa 

While we offer a vast range of programmes covering a wide range of skills, including education, medicine, and sports, Agape Volunteers has developed several flagship programmes which we consider to represent genuinely unique volunteering experiences. This may be because of the work that has gone into developing them, the training that it provides our volunteers or the purely the extraordinary impact they have in the local community.

For example, our HIV programme in Kenya has been built in partnership with local health authorities and universities in Nairobi to offer all volunteers an International Diploma in HIV testing and counselling through an intensive two-week course. Volunteers are then placed in a dedicated outreach centre to work with most vulnerable people in the area. 

You can see a selection of our most popular programmes below...

HIV Prevention Volunteering in Kenya

Starting From £675

HIV affects a high number of Kenyans, and recent breakthroughs in medicine and support often don’t reach those in the most need. Agape works with a number of local projects helping to tackle this issue, but they often rely on external help to ensure that their efforts are as wide-reaching as possible. This is where you come in!   What...

Teaching Volunteering in Tanzania

Starting From £790

Volunteer As A Teacher in Tanzania As a teaching volunteer in Tanzania you will be helping to provide lessons to children in one of our local partner schools. These schools are often underfunded and consequently under-staffed. This is where you come in!Whether you are a qualified teacher or a student, you could help to make a big impact on the...

Childcare Volunteering in Ghana

Starting From £695

Agape Volunteers is proud to support a project in Ghana which provides accommodation, education and pastoral support to underprivileged children in the area. Although local staff are extremely committed, childcare volunteers can be a valuable tool to supplement their stretched resources. This is where you come in! Whether you work in childcare, social outreach or are a...

Medical Volunteering in Kenya

Starting From £675

If you are looking for an international medical elective that has a hands-on impact, look no further. As a medical volunteer in Kenya, you will be working in a local clinic or hospital supported by Agape, helping to support the stretched healthcare teams on the ground. Working with limited resources and a huge demand for services,...

Volunteer reviews and testimonials

Agape Volunteers has been sending thousands of volunteers from all over the world to work on projects in Africa for many years, but you don't need to take our word for it. We've posted a summary of our recent reviews below, but you should also check out our Facebook page, third-party partners, Review Centre and volunteer wall for more details. If you like, just ask your trip advisor and they'll be happy to put you in touch with an ex-volunteer.

02 November 2017

"I met some awesome people on my trip from all around the world and was warmly welcomed by the Kenyan people. I would recommend Agape to anyone as they were very organised and professional but fun and enthusiastic at the same time."

16 August 2017

"All of my expectations for a memorable summer were met and more. The Agape staff were very helpful and able to answer any questions that I had regarding my placement or cultural differences. I would highly recommend volunteering in Kenya through Agape for a memorable, rewarding experience which you'll never forget!"

05 July 2017

"I can truly say that is was the best three weeks of my life so far and I would recommend it to anyone; Kenya was the most amazing, beautiful carefree country I have ever been to. I am already counting down the days until I can go back!"

Agape Volunteers is not just a volunteer organisation, we also lead thought and progress in this area and you can read about our views on this site

At Agape Volunteers we are committed to changing the world for the better. Part of this comes through delivering meaningful volunteer programmes in Africa, but part of this also comes from moving the industry and non-profit sector forward in this regard. We take time to think about the work we do, partner with other organisations and write about important topics, including the role volunteers play in lasting change, female education in Africa, and stigma in African countries.

We are regularly mentioned or interviewed by national organisations and press - such as this interview with our CEO on BBC Radio Four - and are determined to be the leading voice in changing attitudes to volunteering.

Why Africa Needs Volunteers
Why Africa Needs Volunteers
By Mikey
Apps for Volunteers Looking to Spread Some Goodness in The World
Apps for Volunteers Looking to Spread Some Goodness in The World
By Mikey

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