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Research Reveals More People Now Prepared to Leave ‘Legacy Gift’ to Charities

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A research poll by Remember A Charity recently uncovered that a heart-warming four in ten people confirm that they would be perfectly happy to leave a gift to charity as part of their Will. This figure of 40% shows an increase from 35% when the previous poll was carried out in 2008. 

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, and commissioned by Remember A Charity was carried out during March and April this year and established that 40% of people from the age of 40 and over would be happy to pass on a small proportion of their estate to some form of charity. Furthermore, a notable 65% confirmed that they felt it was perfectly acceptable to leave your whole estate to charity if you felt like doing so. 

One of the largest opinions shared by those in the poll at 70% was that people should tell their children if they planned to leave a ‘reasonable amount of money’ to charity in their Will.  

Just over a quarter (26%) were of the feeling that their family would have a varying opinion to them making such a gesture; this was a figure that, rather pleasingly, fell from 31% in 2008. 

Additionally, in 2008, the bulk of respondents (63%) stated that to give money when you are alive was a better thing to do than via a legacy and that close relatives are entitled to the majority of an estate (72%). In the most up-to-date survey, however, those findings are held by fewer than half, at 47% and 41% respectively. 

When speaking about the poll’s findings, Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, said: “We’ve seen a real shift in attitudes in recent years with the public indicating that they are more open to the concept of legacy giving and this is a positive sign for the years ahead. 

“While legacy income will inevitably fluctuate to reflect wider economic trends, the public’s propensity to give is the key driving factor for market growth. This poll suggests not only that the public is more willing to leave a gift, but that they have a clearer understanding of legacy giving and think people should be free to do what they want with their estates. 

“People still do worry about how their family might feel if they leave a charitable gift in their Will and this underlines the importance of encouraging potential legators to discuss their wishes with their family, reducing the risk of dispute.” 

Mr Cope went on to add that the challenge for Remember A Charity now is to review what can be done to move the prominence on from raising awareness to motivating people into taking pro-active action and writing charitable gifts into their Wills.  

If you have ever been to volunteer abroad, would you now consider giving part, or all, of your estate to charity?

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