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Volunteer with a Charity that Guarantees Impact!

Volunteer in South Africa for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations to head off to when volunteers sign up with Agape. You can look forward to encountering people who are truly among the friendliest in the world and volunteering here will absolutely guarantee you indulge in a cultural experience that will last forever.

Step 1

Pick a Volunteer Programme

We offer a wide range of volunteer programmes. You could teach music in Ghana, work children in an orphanage in Tanzania or become a leader in sports in Kenya. The possibilities are endless when you volunteer abroad with Agape Volunteers.

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Add Incredible Adventures

Go on an African Safari or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, to name just two of the amazing adventures you can add on to your volunteering trip with Agape.  

Competitively Priced
Volunteer Trips

As a non-profit, Agape is proud of our pricing and how we have balanced low cost, affordable trips against genuine impact for the communities we serve and volunteer safety. Our volunteers make a difference and always will.

With all-inclusive packages from £1,530 and free insurance included as standard whether you are planning on volunteering on your gap year, looking for a summer break or seeking experience in a hospital or school there will be a programme for you in South Africa with Agape Volunteers.

Starting from £1,530.00 (South Africa)
A Dedicated Trip Advisor

Every one of our volunteers gets a dedicated trip advisor from the moment they apply. Your trip advisor will be an ex-volunteer who now works with Agape and is an expert in the African country you plan to volunteer in.

Free Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Agape Volunteers has worked with leading underwriters to create a bespoke travel insurance policy, tailored to our volunteers' needs. Provided to all volunteers at no extra cost, our insurance means you're covered simply and comprehensively.

Volunteer with a Charity that Guarantees Impact!

We offer programmes in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Maasai-land. All our
programmes come with free travel insurance supplied by Endsleigh.

Popular Programmes

We offer programmes covering a wide range of skills, from education, medicine, sports, music
& HIV/Aids prevention providing you plenty of opportunity to be part of it.

HIV Prevention Volunteering in Kenya

Starting From £590

HIV affects a high number of Kenyans, and recent breakthroughs in medicine and support often don’t reach those in the most need. Agape works with a number of local projects helping to tackle this issue, but they often rely on external help to ensure that their efforts are as wide-reaching as possible. This is where you come in!   What...

Music Teaching in Ghana

Starting From £510

Music can help to bring comfort in the face of adversity as well as providing a potentially valuable skill to those who are able. If you are interested in volunteering in Ghana and are a musical whizz, this programme is for you. Working alongside established musicians, Agape provides free music tuition to underprivileged local children in our Ghana music school....

Animal Conservation in South Africa

Starting From £1,530

Our wildlife conservation programme in South Africa gives you the opportunity to involve yourself in some of the best animal volunteering abroad while helping to protect endangered species in a National Park in South Africa. Our team of committed local animal protection staff have dedicated their lives to ensuring that the lions, white & black rhinos, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos and...

Sports Coaching in Kenya

Starting From £590

Sports form an integral part of local communities and teams often foster a sense of family and identity. Kenyans are sports mad, particularly for football (soccer), and many dream of becoming the next star. Unfortunately, proper coaching is often lacking, but with a little support, young people can not only develop their talents, but they can also gain a heightened...

What Our Volunteers Say!

Volunteering in South Africa is very popular with our volunteers. The scenery and the animals are a big part of that, we're sure! Check out what just a few of our recent volunteers had to say after their trips:

02 November 2017

"I met some awesome people on my trip from all around the world and was warmly welcomed by the Kenyan people. I would recommend Agape to anyone as they were very organised and professional but fun and enthusiastic at the same time."

16 August 2017

"All of my expectations for a memorable summer were met and more. The Agape staff were very helpful and able to answer any questions that I had regarding my placement or cultural differences. I would highly recommend volunteering in Kenya through Agape for a memorable, rewarding experience which you'll never forget!"

05 July 2017

"I can truly say that is was the best three weeks of my life so far and I would recommend it to anyone; Kenya was the most amazing, beautiful carefree country I have ever been to. I am already counting down the days until I can go back!"

Our Thoughts

It's more than just a job for us! Read on to see our thoughts on some of what we offer here at Agape Volunteers...

Does international volunteering ever do more bad than good?
Does international volunteering ever do more bad than good?
By Guillaume Lefevre
Pre-Travelling Book Recommendations
Pre-Travelling Book Recommendations
By Laura Wormington

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