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For many of us (yours truly included), the time for bag-packing, notebook buying and serious organising is approaching - September means an end to travelling and frolicking as back to education we go. But fear not, as the old saying goes: once an Agape Volunteer, always an Agape Volunteer. Here's how you can start an Agape Movement at your uni / college / school.

If you're considering an Agape trip on the horizon, why not consider forming an Agape Society at your uni or college? That way you can raise money as a group (much faster and easier than doing it solo) and travel as a group (just think how jealous your Ibiza-bound pals will be). University Student Unions are usually the place to start when you're looking to form a new society. Check on their website or contact them directly first to check an Agape Soc hasn't already been set up - they do exist! Usually you'll need a certain number of people interested in order to register as a new group. Feel free to email us (contact Laura at to enquire about whether there are other Agape Volunteers at your uni. If there aren't, it may be useful to plan a future trip first (all info about our programmes is here) , or at least have some details in mind, as a starting point by which to advertise membership of the society. If you're really struggling, get some friends to list their names to make up numbers. Depending on what you're studying, certain programmes may be more applicable than others, eg. for …  read more


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The Agape Volunteers Football Academy


Football is a source of pleasure and entertainment for millions unable to indulge in leisure pursuits out of the financial reach of many in Africa. Football has the power to create unity out of division, joy from sadness and bring …

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IDP Farm Project


Since 2011, Agape Volunteers has been committed to providing aid to 4000+ refugees in the IDP refugee camp around an hour outside Nairobi, Kenya. In 2007, post election violence in Kenya left thousands without a home or any possessions. Camps …

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