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  • Ghana Orphanage
  • Kathryn Buckley
  • Izzo
  • The Agape Volunteers Music School
  • AVFA
  • Cheetah in South Africa
  • Agape Shirt
  • Laura Wormington
  • West Buckland School
  • Leopard chillin'
  • Maasai HIV
  • Tanzania teaching
  • Maasai Orphanage
  • Lion cubs
  • Kenya Orphanage
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana Music
  • baby cheetahs
  • India Arts
  • Kenya Football
  • Art Livingstone
  • Tanzania

make a difference volunteer in africa with agape

Help Agape provide aid in Africa where it is really needed through volunteering or donating. Volunteer or donate to make a real difference with Agape.

At Agape Volunteers, we provide opportunities in a wide range of well-established, affordable volunteer placements to support humanitarian work in Kenya, Maasai, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. We organise fantastic opportunities to teach in a school, work in an orphanage, develop sports education programmes and work in conservation. Medical students can join one of our hands-on placements in an African hospital or clinic.

Don’t think you’d enjoy volunteering? Not a problem! We seek funding to support Agape’s work, and you can make a difference by donating to an individual project. We will send you regular updates on the project you choose to support, so you can see the real difference you make to the lives of those most in need.


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Top 10 Fundraising Ideas


 Get your family and friends on board, let them know why you’re doing it and why it’s important to you. 

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The Agape Volunteers Football Academy


Football is a source of pleasure and entertainment for millions unable to indulge in leisure pursuits out of the financial reach of many in Africa. Football has the power to create unity out of division, joy from sadness and bring …

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