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Africa: 6 Reasons to Fall in Love

By Mikey
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

The appeals of Africa certainly are vast; just like the continent itself! There are so many varieties of things that are coexisting here that it’s hard to name them all. When you go to volunteer in Africa, there’s a good chance that something there will steal a piece of your heart forever (in a good way). 

Experiencing this type of trip is definitely something special, particularly if you haven’t been too far from home before. And this brings us to the part where we are going to explain to you a little bit about why you can/will fall in love with Africa.  

The People

When you arrive in Africa to volunteer, you will find that your hosts and the other staff on the team you’re working with are the most friendly, kind-hearted people that you could ever wish to meet.  

Being able to spend time with people of all different cultures helps you to appreciate others and their way of life; you’ll be surprised how much you have in common! 

From Sunrise to Sunset

You haven’t caught a sunrise to sunset until you’ve witnessed them in Africa. They have a reputation for being some of the most amazing that the world has to offer, and what is better for the ‘gram that some perfect #sunrise and #sunset posts?  

You’ve got the diverse landscapes to thank for this and whether you’re catching sets or rises from the window, the beach, or near the volunteer house, you’re sure to capture some memorable moments that are truly unrivalled. We can assure you that you’ll never get tired of looking back on those views, that’s for sure.  

The Food

Many people have a preconceived idea that the food in Africa is all beans and rice. However, the food is just like everything else in this wonderful place – diverse. Due to the multicultural history of this great continent, many an influence has been ingrained in the cuisine available in Africa. You’ve got Nigerian, Ethiopian and Moroccan as the arguably the most prominent choices people know internationally.  

If you were worried about bland tasteless food that you’d struggle to eat when you’re in Africa, think again – you’re going to have the chance to dine on a whole host of tasty, flavoursome plates while staying in Africa.  

The Wildlife

Africa is a wonderful place to visit if you want to discover some of the most wide-ranging wildlife you can possibly think of; which is the reason why it’s a world-renowned safari destination.  

A large number of the animals that people get to see in Africa are exclusive to this continent and it’s definitely the only place where you can see the ‘Big Five’ game animals. If you didn’t already know, this is a list consisting of the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and black/white rhino. Going on safari is an experience like no other and you should be prepared to be wowed! 

The Landscapes

We touched on the landscapes earlier and their ability to help make the sunset and sunrises so sublime, but let’s give some more credit to the landscapes. Africa is lucky enough to have incredible scenes to feast your eyes upon.  

Are you keen to get amongst some divine white beaches? If so, then a trip to an East-African country like Kenya or Tanzania should be your choice, of course, there’s much more to see in terms of landscapes, but beaches are always exciting and incredibly beautiful to see. 

The Music

At the heart of Africa, is music. Everywhere that you go there will be music and musical influences. Africans love to dance and sing! It’s so contagious that you’ll be dancing around the place too. Many volunteers have been known to come home with some new playlists after being introduced to some new music.  

Is there something you love about Africa that we missed out? Leave a comment on our social media channels and let us know! 

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