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Apps for Volunteers Looking to Spread Some Goodness in The World

By Mikey
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Having the world at your fingertips has some advantages. Being able to give back is really important too. You can combine the convenience of downloading an app with your desire to support people by installing any of the four apps we’ve featured below. Each app has been designed to offer help and support in its own way and they’re all free to download for Apple’s iOS and Android operating systems.  

Perhaps you’re waiting for your volunteering in Kenya trip to come around, or you have arrived home from a programme and want to continue offering assistance to those who need it most. If so, then these apps are just the thing for you! Take a look and see which one you’d most like to download.  

1.     The Charity Miles App 

Whether you plan to enter that next 10k or half-marathon or not, there’s still a way to give something back by getting those runs done. This app works by tracking your movement when you’re out running, walking or cycling and for each mile that’s logged, you help to earn money that is then donated to your chosen charity. There are 40 to select from including those that support children, animals, health, the environment, education and more.  

This works by having corporate sponsors who make the monetary donations possible. What’s more, you can get your friends to sponsor you too. Not only does this app get you up and moving for a healthier lifestyle, but it also allows you to raise funds for a worthy cause at the same time. Win-win! 

2.     The Wakie App

This ingenious app has been designed to combat loneliness – something a remarkable amount of people suffer from. In fact, research from the ONS, founded from a survey of over 10,000 adults, discovered that around one in 20 people always or often felt lonely.  

This app allows people to enjoy a safe space to talk and find new friends. While you might be thinking this is essentially what social media is designed for, Wakie facilitates actual voice-based exchanges and supports the building of genuine connections between people.  Creating human connections like these are essential for preventing and overcoming loneliness, while also being effective at boosting mental health.  

Some people might want to discuss specific conversation topics, or have goals in mind. This might include such subjects as working on a foreign language, gaining some feedback on a creative project, or generally looking for support in a certain area. This app also allows people the chance to make the most of a safe space to express true emotions, and because Wakie is a pseudonymous community, there’s even more assurance that no one will judge app users. The result for those who sign up is a mood-enhancing encounter along with the opportunity to help others and gain new friends. 

3.     Be My Eyes App 

This app has no fewer than 3.6 million people volunteering their eyes to people who live with blindness or low-vision. This app lets those individuals ask questions and access visual assistance via video-calling. Your role as a volunteer is to assist with everyday tasks such as reading instructions, checking expiry dates or distinguishing colours. You may also be asked to assist with bigger tasks like navigating new surroundings. The app is available in over 150 countries across 180 languages, making it one of the world’s biggest global volunteer networks. 

4.     Olio App

“Share More. Waste Less.” That’s the slogan from Olio. With this app, people become connected with others in their neighbourhood, Food Waste Hero volunteers, and local businesses in order to share food (and other things) as opposed to chucking them away.  

Food sharing covers several positive purposes:

·     It delivers food to those who need it

·     It decreases food waste

·     It helps neighbours to connect while also building greater bonds in the community.  

Households and businesses can capture images of the food they have on offer to share out so that someone can swing by and pick it up. For those who need some food, there’s a simple browsing section of what’s available; all just a message away! 

Why not try out more than one of these apps and see which one best suit you?


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