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Charity Volunteering Abroad: The Perfect Idea for Travelling on A Budget

By Mikey
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, going travelling requires some time working on a budget to make sure you can do everything you want to do while you’re away. It would be amazing if we could all explore what the world has to offer for free, but sadly, that’s not the case.  

If you are on the lookout for effective ways to go on an adventure but on a specific budget, volunteering overseas is definitely among one of the most cost-effective and momentous ways to achieve this.  

If you are looking to find out a little bit more about why charity work abroad is such a great idea for budget travel, we’ve got a bunch of examples to show you. Take a look and see if it helps you to make your next move easier: 

Your accommodation is included

When you pick a project to work on and a programme you want to be part of, the package will include your accommodation. As part of the fee to for the adventure, you get to stay somewhere that you can rely on in terms of being safe and secure, which can be a big factor for many people. Once you’re happy with where you’re staying, it can take a lot of stress away, meaning you can focus on looking forward to your trip.  

Day trips are much more affordable

Depending on the organisation you choose to volunteer with, you can book up to go on some excursions that would normally cost a great deal and really put a dent in your bank balance. By volunteering, you don’t have to save as much or you can do extra trips that you wouldn’t have been able to afford if you weren’t volunteering.  

Have you ever wanted to go to National Parks, animal sanctuaries to see incredible animals such as giraffes and rhinos? Maybe your dream is to go on an overseas safari? Well, all of these adventures are within reach without breaking the bank when you join a volunteer programme! 

Airport transfers and local transport is taken care of

A big factor when travelling is working out how you’re going to get from place to place. It can prove to be a bit of a headache if you’ve not been away before and you’re unsure of the best means of transport. 

When you are volunteering, you can expect to be greeted at the airport by a member of the charity’s team. They will get you to your accommodation, and once you’re settled and you’re ready to head off to your placement, team members will help you to get there. You may well be within walking distance, while other placements require a short time driving. Either way, you will receive proper guidance from your hosts and it’s yet another weight off of your shoulders. 

Medical issues are far less worrying

Although most people are absolutely fine while they’re away, if you do happen to feel unwell, you will have medical cover as well as people around who can take care of you. This can be super helpful when you are in a foreign country and things become lost in translation at the doctors or the hospital, for example. Essentially, it’s more peace of mind that could otherwise affect a trip if you were travelling alone or with friends without assistance on hand.  

You can see places that are off the beaten track

When you aren’t helping the local community, you are, of course, entitled to some downtime. You might want to sit in the sun and read a book, but then there’s also the chance to discover some breathtaking places that tourists simply don’t have access to that the locals can expose you to!  

By all means, visit the “must-see” attractions that you want to tick off the list, but why not make some more memories by seeing the exclusive spots? 

You’ll come away with an extended family and a whole new circle of friends

Being an overseas volunteer brings with it many rewards. You will undoubtedly get an experience of a lifetime. Ask anyone who has been before and it’s truly special knowing that you are doing something for a wonderful cause and receiving so much reward in return too.

Immersing yourself in the local culture, celebrating special occasions with hosts and other volunteers, going to a Sunday Church service – even if you aren’t religious – are all unforgettable parts of a volunteering adventure.  

When you volunteer, the love and happiness that people share with you is genuine and helps you to become a better person from it. It’s possible to talk about this point for a long, long time, but ultimately, you are doing something special and it’s a life-changing thing to do.  

After reading this, if you are looking to take part in a great travelling experience that gives you something more meaningful in return and you want to enjoy it all on a budget too, then becoming an international volunteer is the route to go down!

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