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INFOGRAPHIC: Positive Facts About The Charity Sector

By Mikey
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

UK charities make a huge difference in people's lives. The volunteers involved in helping charity organisations out are a massive part of this too. It's important to positively recognise the changes and influence that both the organisations and those who dedicate their time and effort to amazing causes. 

Whether the charity is helping people in need in the UK or further afield in places such as Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania, we think that positive news should be shared far and wide. Volunteers in Africa and anywhere else on the planet to an amazing job for the charities they sign up to.

The infographic below gives you some quick stats that highlight some of the positive impacts we mentioned.

Download this infographic as a PDF (please link and reference if shared): Agape-Facts-Infographic.pdf

Agape Infographic of UK Charity FactsAgape Infographic of UK Charity Facts

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