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Insight into The Benefits of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

By Mikey
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

Following on from our previous article, 4 Signs That You Should Teach English As A Foreign Language After University if you found the information in there was something that you felt a connection with, you’re now going to be interested in discovering more about the benefits of teaching English as a volunteer abroad, right? Good news! We have our latest feature for you to read about the exciting benefits that are associated with volunteer teaching English abroad

The prospect of venturing to a foreign country to teach children in under-privileged areas is not only exhilarating and also a tremendously worthwhile thing to do for those who most need your help. Being fluent in the country’s native language isn’t a requirement and you don’t even need to have prior teaching experience or a degree in Education. You simply need to find the programme that best suits what you have a desire to be part of and sign up.  

You may well consider the role of teaching a class of children to be slightly daunting, but once you get in the midst of it all, you will find that it’s rewarding and fun as well as a superb way to gain valuable life experience.  

Now that we’ve given you an introduction to what’s ahead, we’re going to move on to some of the standout benefits that are connected to TEFL programmes so that you can get a feel for them yourself.  

How it will affect your life in the future

Many volunteers will opt to get involved with these types of opportunities because of the enjoyment it brings, but it also provides an eye-catching bullet point to feature on your CV. 

When you embark on the position of teaching English in another country, you create yourself some invaluable international work experience that will be terrific for potential employers to see on your job application. More and more employers are starting to truly appreciate the worth that international work experience brings to their workforce and how useful you can be to the team when you work for them. 

Deciding to teach somewhere that is foreign and also new to you, highlights the fact that you have brilliant initiative, along with the capacity to adapt to new environments and that you can tackle life outside of your comfort zone. Whether you want to teach in a foreign country as just a stepping-stone in your life or you want to do it more long-term, that experience on your CV can boost your chances of getting a job – whatever that may be – in the future. 

Adding to this, if you are seeking a place in further studies instead of a job, being able to show that you have done TEFL is also very advantageous when you apply for a course. For starters, you immediately have something engaging and interesting to bring up at interviews and orientation, and you also have that “real-world experience” that we touched on; something that universities are always on the lookout for. 

Age is on your side, take advantage of it!

You could be fresh out of university, or you might be older and looking for a new challenge in life. Regardless of which category you fall into, teaching English in a foreign country is accessible to you because age is on your side. You can see the world, get to know new cultures, meet new people and develop as a person too. 

You don’t have to save up heaps of money to become a volunteer teacher, you just need to pay for the programme and have some spending money set aside for extracurricular activities like going out for dinner with other volunteers or going on a trip. Many people believe that going to teach overseas is more rewarding and beneficial than getting a part-time job to make ends meet until you think you know what direction you want to go in. 

Also, one of the most joyful aspects tied to volunteering as a teacher abroad is the lives of the students you will be impacting in such a positive way. You are helping many people to progress and develop in the world, and what’s more exciting and gratifying than knowing that you are doing good for others in the world?

Learning from your students

When you are in a foreign country, you don’t necessarily get to fully immerse yourself in the culture and day to day characteristics that natives have and live by. But, when you are in a classroom teaching, you experience things that the regular traveller won’t get to. It can take time to learn about local intricacies surrounding the culture, so you will be in the best position to absorb them when you are teaching. 

What’s more, if you are there for an extended period, you could see and be part of holidays and celebrations or all kinds, and that could well be a magical and unforgettable part of your experience because you’ll effectively be getting an all-access, VIP pass to society in the region that others won’t. This can help you to broaden your mindset and how you view the world and others, which can only be a good thing!  

Whether you’re searching for one or all of the points we’ve touched on, teaching English as a foreign language will change your life for the better and you’ll wish you had done it sooner!




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