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My Volunteering Experience in Kenya with Agape Volunteers

By Rianna Javier
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

Hi! My name's Rianna Javier and I enrolled to volunteer in Africa on a teaching programme with Agape Volunteers for three weeks in Kenya. Here's a small insight into what I got up to on my trip...

Agape provided a trip coordinator who was able to provide help before my trip, answering all questions I had before, during and after my trip. Staff are helpful and flexible and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the volunteer house.

It was was a busy place to stay, and I made some amazing, new life-long friends which were just one part of my once in a lifetime experience. I am grateful to Agape and other volunteers for helping make my first trip so memorable.

What I Did On My Trip
From Monday to Wednesday and on Fridays, I worked at a school with an orphanage there too. On these days I started at 9am and finished at 3pm. During my first week, I started off shadowing the teachers there, learning how they taught, their teaching methods and getting a feel for how teaching and learning worked. I was helping individual students with their work, especially in English and maths. I was practising reading and writing with the students and setting an example of English pronunciation and grammar. With my help, the children were given more personal attention.

After the first week, I started teaching English and maths sessions. I created lesson plans and set activities and exercises for the students to complete. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to mark their work and further help them with the English language, English literacy (reading, writing and speaking) and with maths as well. On Thursdays, all volunteers participated in an outreach project. We attended different institutions (schools, orphanages or hospitals) to carry out work. For example, volunteers helped with cooking lunch for a local school, gardening for a hospital and providing treatment for a scabies infestation at a school/orphanage.

This is just a very brief encounter of my time volunteering with Agape, but I can certainly add that I had a fantastic experience and will be back in the near future. I would love to go back and enrol in another programme and do the extra adventures! A great first volunteering trip with a supportive organisation.

Other Thoughts

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