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Tea, Cakes, & Challenging Stigma

By Laura
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

A cafe in Tanzania has made national headlines. The cafe, Neema Crafts, is based in the city of Iringa and is entirely staffed by deaf employees.

According to the article, around 10% of Tanzanian people have a disability and it is often difficult for these people to find employment. The aim of the cafe is to challenge the stigma surrounding disabilities such as deafness, to enable their employees to gain independence and self-esteem, and to encourage customers to learn sign language. The cafe features a chalkboard with pictures of various signs to give customers a helping hand.

It is also connected to several workshops and a business hub where employees can develop skills that will increase their employability and give them confidence to initiate their own enterprises in future.

Consider volunteering with Agape and learn more about what you can do to change the lives of those in vulnerable communities.

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