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Why is Kenya One of The Best Volunteering Destinations in The World?

By Mikey
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

Are you lining up a trip volunteering in Kenya at some point soon? Signing up for a volunteer programme abroad is a truly life-changing experience, but if you are still undecided on where to go, we’ve put together some reasons why Kenya is one of the best volunteering destinations in the world! 

Kenya School System Loves Volunteers

Kenya is constantly in demand for volunteer support; this means that should you opt to travel there then the impact you make can be significant.  

Do you think you want to work in education and teaching of some capacity? You could volunteer at a local school where there will be plenty of chance to be part of a teaching programme. Volunteer teachers are always welcome as many classrooms in Kenya are larger than normal, so the full-time teachers very much appreciate your assistance.  

You could also be part of a team of volunteers who are embarking on a project to build or renovate schools too. This is another example of how your efforts make a lasting difference for children in Kenya. It allows them more opportunity to attend school in a fully functional classroom, which we often take for granted in Western culture. 

Kenya’s Adventures Are Amazing!

Is adventure on your mind for when you are volunteering? Kenya is packed with spectacular opportunities for you. Depending on the charity that you volunteer with, you can expect to enjoy adventures such as:  

·     A Maasai Mara Safari: You can go in search of the ‘Big Five’, or even the ‘Super Seven’ when you embark on a trip to explore the amazing natural wonder that exists in one the world’s most renowned safari parks in the world! 

·     Maasai Cultural Experience: An experience that provides you with insight into the lives of the famous Kenyan Maasai tribe, learning about their proud and rich culture and history.  

·     Beach Trips: Enjoying a dip in the Indian Ocean will live long in the memory, and is an unmissable part of any visit to Kenya! 

·     Mt Kilimanjaro Climb (pictured): Have you ever wanted to scale to the top of the tallest mountain Africa has to offer? Here’s your chance. Have your camera at the ready; there are some amazing landscapes to discover! 

·     Mt Kenya Climb: Proudly holding onto the title of the country’s highest peak, Mt Kenya is another wonderful climb for hiking enthusiasts and for anyone who wants to capture some unrivalled photos of Kenya from above. 

·     Hell’s Gate National Park Biking & Hiking: This remarkable quarter of the Great Rift Valley has 68.25sq km of landscape to explore and discover on foot and bicycle. Think you’ve been on exciting walks and rides before? Just wait until you’ve experienced Hell’s Gate! 

The Weather in Kenya is Delightful

You probably already know about the warm climate he Kenya has in store, so if you are a sun worshipper, you can look forward to some sublime weather when you are on your volunteering programme, particularly if you head out during the dry season.  

Even during the country’s two wet seasons, it doesn’t rain the entire time, which means you can enjoy some good weather whenever you book your trip. If you are especially keen on avoiding wet weather, it’s worth noting that the dry season typically runs between June and October.  

Additionally, the ‘short rains’ season comes in November and December, with the ‘long rains’ arriving in January until May, although drier spells tend to occur throughout January and February. 

Enjoy the Kenyan Pace of Life

Many volunteers note the varied pace of life that they are accustomed to in the UK, Europe and the US. If you aren’t familiar with ‘Africa time’, your hosts will clue you up on it and you may find that you have to dial down your approach to things a touch. You may hear the Swahili term for this - ‘pole, pole’ - which translates to ‘slowly, slowly’.

Definitely take the time make the most of this change of pace, and fully embrace it, you will appreciate it once you’ve returned home. 

Learn About Kenya’s Diverse Culture

Did you know that there are as many as 62 known languages spoken throughout the varying ethnic groups in different cultures in Kenya? You’ll get to immerse yourself in the many traditions that are practised while on your placement, as well as experiencing the cultural attitudes that can differ depending on where you happen to be in Kenya. 

Appreciate Being Embraced by Kenyan People

One thing you will notice is how welcoming and friendly the people in Kenya are. They have kind hearts and a warm attitude that means you will instantly feel at home and at ease.  

Kenyan’s might not have much compared to people in Western countries, but they will share everything with you and they’d go out of their way to help. It’s true that plenty of Kenyan communities have adopted Westernised ways of dressing, with the traditional tribal clothing reserved for special celebrations and occasions. Kenyans, by in large, live with a conservative attitude and regard their beliefs and religion to be extremely important to their way of life.  

Christianity is the predominant religion practised in Kenya, and with Christianity being so widely practised, volunteers will often be invited to a Sunday church service. Regardless of your faith, this is an experience to enjoy. You are likely to be treated like celebrities and the regular church-goers will adore the fact that you have taken the time to join them at their service. Even if you aren’t religious, it’s a huge part of Kenyan faith and community spirit, and you should embrace it to the fullest. 

These are just a handful of the qualities that you can expect to come across while you volunteer in Kenya that make it such an appealing destination. So, why not find out for yourself and sign up for a trip to Kenya as a volunteer today?

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