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Takoradi Music School

Agape Volunteers supports a local music school in Takoradi, Ghana, to offer underprivileged young people a...

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Music school project in Ghana

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Ever since 2012, Agape Volunteers has been funding and supporting an independent grassroots initiative to bring music to the lives of underprivileged children living in Takoradi, Ghana. The Agape Volunteers Music School – otherwise known as the Mansek Music School, offers tuition to young people who would otherwise have no access to it, with free lessons for children in the local community.

Learning music – discovering how to play a new instrument, or understanding what musical notation means and the theories behind popular genres – is a powerful experience for young children in Takoradi. Creative skills are just as important as academic ones, and music is a great way to nurture the artistic instincts of many children. The pride we see in these young students when they perform a new song is truly rewarding.

The unique partnership between Agape and the Mansek Music School has involved giving our support in building a brand new school, which now functions as a vibrant and safe place of learning. Today, the school is expanding rapidly – there is now is also a cultural dance troupe and a choir!

We are supporting the Mansek Music School in several ways. First of all, we raise money to donate to their ongoing programme of providing local children with a creative education. We also support their direct needs, by helping to develop the school and providing volunteers to assist the music teachers.

However, as with all of our charity projects, the school is fundamentally local-led. The project is led by local musicians, with local staff Jay and Nee spearheading the team. This is important because it means that people from within the community – who know its needs best – maintain autonomy over its functioning, with us able to offer a helping hand in where necessary. Ghana has no shortage of incredibly talented musicians, and in Takoradi, it is these local musicians who are passing on their musical knowledge to the next generation.

Of course, as the project has grown, the demand for lessons has increased, and so we began providing volunteers to supplement the teaching at the school. Agape volunteers, who have their own knowledge of music theory and performance, assist the school teachers and help inspire the children every day.

Every child deserves to have music in their lives – and moreover, to be able to develop their passion for music should they choose. But this is not just about the music itself, it is also about using local musical expertise to give underprivileged children a new skill, whilst developing their confidence and increasing their future opportunities.

In the process, the school contributes to overall community development and cohesion – all through the power of music.

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Fundraising for the Agape Music School

One of the key elements of Agape’s support of the Tansek Music School is through funding. Through past collaboration, the school has gained a range of musical equipment, including several keyboards, an electronic organ, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violins and drum kit. However, as more children become interested in joining the school, the demand for instruments is increasing.

As a charity, we actively welcome anyone who wishes to gift an instrument to the school. If you are going to be joining one of our music teaching volunteer programmes in Ghana, please do bring along any old instruments you have if you can. Alternatively, contact us today to find out how you can send instruments to Ghana. You can be sure they will go to a good home!

Of course, we also raise money for the school through various events in the UK and in Ghana itself. Recently, we ran a concert in Takoradi to help raise awareness among the community for their work – as well as to collect donations. Professors and students alike played in the show, and lots of local people attended and loved every second!

However, to keep the school growing, donations are always needed. To make a donation, please contact us today on +44 (0)845 519 8469!

Volunteer teaching music in Ghana with Agape

Alternatively, if you are musically gifted and want to support the school first-hand, why not sign up for our Music Teaching Volunteer Programmes in Ghana? All you need is to be confident in playing a musical instrument, have a good knowledge of music theory and basic musical score knowledge. No official teaching experience is needed, just a willingness to share your passion for music!

To find out more, head on over to our Programmes page.

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