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Music Teaching in Ghana

Give talented musicians the opportunities they deserve by teaching music in Ghana.
Successfully sending volunteers abroad for 10 years

Volunteer as a Music Teacher in Ghana

Bring children the gift of music!
Music can help to bring comfort in the face of adversity as well as providing a potentially valuable skill to those who are able. If you are interested in volunteering in Ghana and are a musical whizz, this programme is for you. Working alongside established musicians, Agape provides free music tuition to underprivileged local children in our Ghana music school. Although many of these children are very talented, few have the opportunity to formally develop their skills and gain the experience they need to make a living out of music. 

This is where you come in! 

As a volunteer teaching music in Ghana, you can share your instrument and music theory skills with children who are talented and eager to learn, supporting local teams on our music volunteer programmes in Ghana-based schools.

What will I be teaching?

Volunteers teaching music in Ghana with Agape can expect to tutor small groups and individuals at a local centre and school for underprivileged children. You will be able to teach whatever instrument you feel most comfortable with, often in small classes arranged by age. Through previous work, we have provided a number of instruments and a basic musical education, but many still require the kind of structured practice and environment required to really develop their skills.

For candidates who are interested in music teaching volunteering in Ghana, keyboard and basic music theory are helpful, as these elements are often the cornerstones of how we teach children music in Ghana at our school. However, we welcome volunteers who play any instrument. Please note, however, that if you play something particularly unusual, you may need to bring this along yourself! Experience at teaching music is not required, but you should have a good working knowledge of at least one instrument.

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering teaching music in Ghana, apply now to hear from our specialist trip adviser.
Typical Week

Volunteers in our Ghana music programmes are generally expected to work at their placement five days a week. Weekday mornings will start with breakfast with other volunteers before you start work. As many of the children attend school in the mornings, this time is often devoted to more traditional school subjects, and you may be asked to help out with these. This is a great way to get more experience of teaching abroad in Ghana outside of the musical curriculum.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to work some music into the schedule. At around 12pm you’ll get a break for lunch, which you can take with other volunteers and local staff. In the afternoons you’ll be taking additional music classes, usually broken up into short sessions.

You will generally finish your placement at around 5pm, though this will depend on the day. When you finish you’ll get a chance to unwind with other volunteers and local team members over dinner, and we often organise games and activities of our own in the evenings. Weekends are also your own but there are always plenty of extra Adventures to be had in Ghana! We can arrange some incredible adventures for you, from city tours to trekking.

Living With Agape

Most of those who undertake music volunteering in Ghana live at the local centre for street-children which also acts as Agape’s base in Ghana. Set right on the beach, it’s a great place to live with plenty going on. You will most likely be sharing dorm-style rooms with other volunteers, and these are typically single-sex.

Beyond that, you will have access to showers, toilets, and a kitchen, although food is provided. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy your host’s delicious Ghanaian cooking! The centre can be a very vibrant place, with a great mixture of volunteers and local team members, and the beach-side setting provides the opportunity for a host of unique activities.

Optional Extras

Agape Volunteers offers a variety of extra adventures for volunteers in Ghana. There’s something for everyone, including jungle trekking, cultural excursions, and visits to a variety of National Parks and animal sanctuaries.

The Application Process

  • 1: Start Your Application

    Once you have chosen where you would like to volunteer and you will need to fill in some basic details about yourself as well about the programme you wish to participate in, so that we can get back to you with the relevant information.

    1: Start Your Application
  • 2: Your Own Trip Advisor

    Your own personal trip adviser should contact you within 48 hours after submitting your application. They will be responsible for your entire booking, including: answering any questions you have, helping you to source flights and giving you important safety.

    2: Your Own Trip Advisor
  • 3: Select Adventures

    Your trip advisor will provide you an adventures guide for the country you will be volunteering in. This includes some extra trips you can take on top of your volunteering; these vary from safaris, weekends at beach resorts to a hike up Kilimanjaro!

    3: Select Adventures
  • 4: Pay and Depart

    Your trip advisor will talk you through how to pay your programme fee and for any extra trips. Shortly before your departure we will be in contact to give you some information about airport pick ups and safety procedures, from there you are all set for your African adventure.

    4: Pay and Depart

Program Costs Explained

DurationTotal Costs
1 week£695
2 weeks£895
3 weeks£1095
4 weeks£1295
5 weeks£1445
6 weeks£1595
7 weeks£1745
8 weeks£1895
9 weeks£1995
10 weeks£2095
11 weeks£2195
12 weeks£2295
What’s Included in your Costs

  • Accommodation
  • Two meals a day
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • All Agape registration and administration
  • Orientation
  • Donation to local projects
  • Travel Insurance with Agape Volunteers

  • What is not Included

  • Vaccinations
  • Visa
  • Flights
  • Spending money
  • Extra Adventures
  • Agape Adventures in Ghana

    Agape offers a range of incredible Adventure activities to add to your volunteer programme, so that you can make the most out of your time in Africa.

    Agape offers a range of incredible Adventure activities to add to your volunteer programme, so that you can make the most out of your time in Africa.

    • Kakum & Cape Coast (Ghana)
      Kakum & Cape Coast (Ghana)

      Take a trek through the dizzying heights of the Kakum Rainforest, followed by a cultural tour of one of Africa's most important and shocking colonial relics.

    • Ghanaian Village Experience
      Ghanaian Village Experience

      Gain an insight into the rich cultural life of a Ghanaian village, before getting up close and personal with some of Africa's wildlife.

    • Accra City Tour (Ghana)
      Accra City Tour (Ghana)

      Learn a little more about Ghana's fascinating capital by visiting a range of Accra's excellent museums and galleries.

    • Wli Waterfall & Monkey Adventure (Ghana)
      Wli Waterfall & Monkey Adventure (Ghana)

      Take a trek through a stunning sacred monkey sanctuary to one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa.

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